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Pasha Designs: Fashion Design, Dressmaking, Wedding Gowns, Costuming
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Project 1:

Charity Work: Ray of Hope

Charity work designs feature photos from the 8th Annual Ray of Hope Fashion Show, Luncheon and Silent Auction, a benefit for Women’s Cancer Research and Domestic Violence Against Women, sponsoring a Runway Design Contest. Ramona Mooney was the fashion show coordinator for 10 years. This event raised very close to $100,000 for Cancer Researh and to end Domestic Violence. The Ray of Hope ended close to 5 years ago after 10 years running. Working with all those Mary Kay consultants and directors created a community for me that I could not leave. The Ray of Hope experience is the reason I became a MK consultant.

Ramona - Charity Work Ramona Mooney Ramona Mooney - MK Foundation
* The group picture shows Ray of Hope Organizers.

Project 2:

Womens Council of Washtenaw County

Fundraising Chairperson on the Board of the Women's Council of Washtenaw County

Cookbook project