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Bring up to ten items from your present wardrobe for a makeover analysis. You will learn why these items are sitting at home costing you every penny you paid for them. During this analysis each item will be evaluated for its power to complement your silhouette, figure type, coloring, and lifestyle. In addition we will discuss your skin care routine and demonstrate on your face the value of correct morning and night skin care. You actually receive a skin rejuvenating facial plus a follow-up appointment to be sure we have the right formulas for you. $59 Initial appt. approx: 40 min. Follow-up appt. 20 min one week later.


One full hour of wardrobe analysis and a rejuvenating facial. You will receive valuable information about the best clothing styles for you, lasting skin care and makeup tips. We will review your skin care routine, water intake, diet and personal habits so in the shortest amount of time you will benefit from a clearer, more youthful complexion. This will include a facial demonstrating the feel and look of cleansed and moisturized skin with just enough color makeup to accentuate your best features and highlight your natural-looking beauty. This transforming experience takes up to 90 min of our time. $99 includes a 20 minute follow-up appointment one week later.


Two hours include a wardrobe analysis in our salon or the comfort of your home and a skin care analysis as described in Package Le Deuxième. We will utilize the Figure Type Analysis and its application to your current clothing choices. From these categories we create a plan for you to have what you need in the future. You will realize complete and polished outfits, using your own clothing, learning the subliminal messages that make a lasting impression on others. Clothing care will be discussed, and you will learn “closet secrets” to save you time. Wrong items can go to charity or up-scale resale shops with their value returned to you. We will consider how you stand, sit and walk, your handshake and what it communicates to others. This experience will align your habits with your goals for an impressive personal presentation to the world. In a short time your face will be transformed and you will have a quick morning routine for "putting your best face forward". We will take a "Before Photo" for comparison to the makeover "After Photo." You will be able to use your "After Photo" for self-promotion. $199 plus travel (includes a 20-minute follow-up appointment one week later).