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Thanks for Hanging In There

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

I am more fully on-track. Even though I have made another half-dozen slipcovers and finished multiple clothing alterations, my fingers, spine and eyes are still asking me to stop sewing.  This communication between my body and my mind and how it changes my behavior will go a long way toward living a longer functional life. Its one technique I will be coaching people to use so they can do the same.

There has been one change, my new website for coaching is NOT, instead it is Evidently the former was not available without a hefty fee. I am very proud of It has a welcoming video on the homepage and a button to the blog that goes with it. This blog here is reserved for First Impressions with clothing, hygiene, glowing faces, exercise, and meeting and greeting people. is about the powers we all possess and do not exercise enough, imagination, creativity, awareness and intuition.

So stay tuned, enjoy, differ with me, leave comments so I can know what you’re thinking.

Above all things, I care about you. 

What do you see in the mirror?

You are your mirror image.