New 2016 Style

December 30th, 2015


The way to know it, own it and flaunt it in 2016 is to use time-honored, internationally proven design elements to your advantage. Use your own power of choice, online and in your local retail stores (strengthening your local economy) while you play like a child, the child you remember.  Take on a new life with your choices in clothing and jewelry to allow yourself to dress up or down, whatever the event or mood calls for at the moment. This is your LIFE.

I assume most females and feminine types enjoy a chance to “play” with their personalities. So here I remind you of the permission you always had within you. Dare to be You. Think of the feeling you get when you don a garment or a hat or a piece of jewelry and Yuk, That’s Not Me AT ALL!  Well, use the same sensibility to hone in on what feels right to you  . . . to your own personal style. Each color and style has an energy, a feeling about it that should match, blend or support you.

Need help? Visit and choose Pasha’s Fashion Salon. Its a journey into style . . . packages at various levels.


December 19th, 2015

There is a song that keeps running round my head. Of all the Christmas Songs out there, this one speaks to me. Its called, “I Really Don’t Want Much for Christmas,” Music and lyrics by Jeremy Lubbock and Richard Rudolph. The version I love is with trumpet by Cris Botti, sung by Eric Bennet on the CD entitled, Chris Botti December.

This song says its better to give a homeless child a home . . . for the world to lose “hate” in order to find “bliss.”  Oh, yes, starting right here, right now.

I believe this song’s value is with its emphasis on what’s far more important than materialism. But hey, we live in this commercial world and are quite bombarded with the pazzazz and bling of it all.

What to do? I suggest we give memorable gifts. Give gifts that really mean something to the recipient. They are friends, family, lovers, supporters of your daily life. They are not a number of a shopping list. So, while you think each one of them, their temperament, their interests, their clothing style, their hopes and dreams. Give a gift that speaks to the style they have . . .  you will be speaking to their hearts.

For example, I have a nephew who I love. Don’t see him very often, living 60 miles apart. When I do see him he is often on the basketball court. But I always give him a hug. Last year he insisted on his mother going with him to the mall to find the present he wanted to give to me. I gotta tell ya, that sweater means the world to me.

Clothing has meaning in ceremonies and celebrations worldwide. It has the significance we give it based on tradition and habits we want to start.  From the very first minute of our birth, we were wrapped in a blanket; a fabric, a textile. I really don’t want much for Christmas. I want people to give meaning to eachother.

From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas.



December 6th, 2015

There are 1000 followers lost in cyberspace. Does this sound like a SciFi-Star Trek script? No, instead, it has been my reality since the beginning of November 2015. Followers of ReincarnationsResale were lost when the “powers that be” decided to exercise their supreme power. Consequently these 1000+ followers are without the many updates to Vintage Clothing and Collectables favored by them over the past three years.

Please help by letting them know to go to

If you are or if you know of a follower of ReincarnationsResale please direct them to michigansmom on or

to the postings on Instagram: michigansmomvintage


You can help to find those Lost In Space to reconnect them to vintage jeans, flannel shirts, kids clothing, velvet, silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton tops, bottoms and outerwear. Thank you for helping us to keep moving forward.

#findhome #phonehome


Thanksgiving 2015

November 25th, 2015

This year I have felt the opposite of gratitude. I would like to know what you all think the opposite of gratitude to be. Is it disregard, disrespect, irreverance? Or is it prejudice. Are we grateful for material things or are we grateful for living things and people in our lives?

I am aware that its different for each one of us. And also changeable with the passing of time. I want to share that I am grateful for my own capacity to recover from setbacks. I had more than one this year which still has not been resolved. Instead, it progressed  and with it cuminated in a week of having four setbacks at one time. That was when I was at my lowest.  Gee whiz. Not my style!

STYLE is what my website, my blog and now my Etsy shop is all about.

Last May 2015,  I started a shop on called MichigansMom.

My goal, through all those heavy setbacks perviously mentioned, was to have the shop stocked with Vintage Clothing and Collectables by today. I have dreampt of having a store/shop all my life, having worked in many brick and mortar shops over the years.

Now I not only have a fine shop of my own creation, I have partners. I am truly grateful to my sewing partners and my shopping partners. They keep thier eyes and somethimes the eyes of thier friends and relatives searching for classic treasures for the shop. Please visit: and favorite your favorite items, and also favorite the shop. My partners and myself need to popularize the shop.

We are very grateful for the help. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

FYI: There are big discounts for Black Friday!

Calling All Fashion Design Graduates

April 14th, 2015

Are you now, or soon to be, a Graduate in the field of Fashion Design? If so, your comments could help bridge the gap between school and the marketplace. I am organizing a program to mentor those who want to have a career in this field with their own label and established clientelle. Please let me know your concerns so I can design the mentoring sessions to directly benefit you.

For more than 35 years I have done all it takes to stay in the field of my Bachelor’s Degree. In 1977 I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Clothing and Textiles/Retailing, a Cross-Cultural Emphasis. What I have learned since then has kept me in business. My website was established one year after the internet became available to the public.

If you are frustrated, don’t give up. Tell me about it so I can rally many forces to help you achieve your goals. The coaching sessions I am develping are full of information relavent to our field and not taught anywhere else.

Please leave you comments here.

Much appreciation,

Ramona Mooney

Seven Ways to Get Ready for Spring/Summer

March 26th, 2015

1. Take your cooler clothes out from their present location. They may still be mixed-in with all of your clothes or cleaned and stored in containers.

2. Lay them on the bed, your clean floor or around the living room/dining room. Wherever you can take a good look at each item.

3. Catagorize them according to this uni-sex terminology – Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Shoes, Accessories. And more clearly:
Tops- shirts and blouses, teeshirts and camisoles.
Bottoms – pants, shorts, slacks, skirts and capris
Jackets – sweaters, summer jackets, blazars, raincoats
Shoes – sandles, sport shoes, work shoes, dress shoes.

4. Now, mix and match to make complete outfits using one item from each catagory. Make notes on paper to post near your closet door for help coordinating your “LOOK” each day. For help with coordinating outfits look further back in my blog for three entries entitled “The Art of Dressing.”

5. Make sure each article is clean and free of wrinkles. Hanging items in the bathroom while it fills with steam makes wrinkles fall out.

6. If not the shower method, you can use a steam iron set at the lowest setting but still able to create steam from distilled water. At this low setting, and continuously moving the iron at a steady pace will prevent any burning or fabric.

7. Make a short list of items to buy, like:
a new pair of sandles or sport shoes
a banana yellow, red or blue sweater or jacket
a linen casual jacket (this looks great with jeans)
Keep this list in your wallet or purse . Time-allowing, shop for only these items (your own list), it saves money and expands our complete outfit options.

This the right time to take your Winter warmer clothes, clean them, and store them in containers. Those flat 3″ high “under the bed” containers are perfect.

You Don’t Get a Second Change at a First Impression

March 21st, 2015

I am watching House of Cards on Netflix. In the second episode Kevin Spacey’s character says “We don’t get a second chance at at first impression.”

Since First Impressions are our focus at Pasha’s, we must point to the truth about this statement. You know this already. So why look and act anyway short of what you wish to accomplish? From head to toe, and how you walk and sound are the elements of your First Impression. Get a coach . . . call us. You will be pleasantly suprised at the difference it makes. Whatever you wish to achieve is within your reach.

No judgements, just support.


Think like an eagle.

You belong with the Eagles.

Shaken, not stirred.

Even they learned to be suave.

What do you see in the mirror?

You are your mirror image.


Pasha’s Fashion Salon

March 6th, 2015

What in the world do we do? We do Your World. We meet you as you are, today, and enable you to open doors with your appearance and manner. Think of your life as a series of memorable first impressions. Not so memorable? Well, that’s where we come in. We take the clothes in your closet and match them for well put-together looks, altering them to fit when necessary. Sometimes we recommend the purchase of a few items to expand your selections. It’s according to your lifestyle or the lifestyle to which you aspire.

We do the same with Skin Care, how you stand, sit, walk and when and how to shake hands. Our services are affordable, habit-changing and guaranteed to greatly improve your first impression everyday.

For more information go to and choose Pasha’s Fashion Salon/Packages. Please be patient while it loads. You are worth it.