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We now have two shops on


After so many years of coming to us for custom made clothes and clothing alterations, we now have two new ways to help you have fun with fashion. And its afforable!

Vintage Clothing is online at ReincarnationsResale on with multiple items arriving every week.

On Michigansmom on you’ll find amazing repurposed items from Wedding Dress chair covers, to fur mittons and designer pillows.

We have several creative partners helping to turn precious fabric from outdated or partially destroyed garments into useful items to wear or use in your home.

Just this week we looked at a Vintage apron with several holes in the thin cotton cloth but very beautiful and precious crochet in open lattice designs and crocheted fridged bottom edges. It was re-made into a sexy crop top ideally worn with a pair of skinny jeans. This top is on michigansmom on

Also, look for the original fashions done for the Ray of Hope Mary Kay Fashion Shows described in detail and for sale there.

Every week our team goes out to find more vintage items for ReincarnationsResale. There are jeans strictly made by Levi before they statrted outsourcing them in the year 2000. There are silk dresses, wool suits, and sequin outfits. The clothing ranges from the  years 1920 – 1995.  The challege is to match your body measurements to those of the garments. We have a good system of measureing so we can get very close to a good fit. Also, you can email from the Etsy site for more information about any garment.

If you Favor my shops, you will get updates on the new listings as they are listed.

Thank you so much for your loyalty over the years.

Much appreciation,


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