Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Second Entry

I have used a wonderful book for years as a guide to helping my body and mind to stay health with the right foods, exercise and spiritual practices; all of which change with the four seasons.  The book is entitled Staying Healthy With The Seasons, by Dr. Elson M. Haas. I have the first printing of the book (gratefully) signed in person by Dr. Haas at its 1981 debut in Monterey, CA. Second Editions are currently available.

My copy became worn to the point of having it rebound by an independent book binder in Ann Arbor, MI after a very taltented graphic designer scanned the cover and reprinted/ laminated it in full color glory. See  The original cover art shows a heightened view of all four seasons,  in nature with rivers and trees, full of life.  

Personally, I found that the ability to dicipline myself to do the right things at the right time for a healthier life comes from the successes of doing those very things. Its a Catch 22, and also a welcoming, clear path to a better life. Our bodies want to be healthy, with radiance as Pasha’s Salon promotes. We are so used to doing for others, ourselves last. As we age, picking  up more and more toxins, you know the story, the time to start seems to be soon, if not yesterday.  Check into it.

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