How to Gain Confidence, First Entry

Dr. Danial Amen gives great advice about physical health and its direct connection to our thoughts and the results we experience in our lives. Here I can only state a few of his very interesting findings. Did you know that Weight Gain decreases Brain Function? If one is fat, BMI 25,  that is one’s weight relative to their height, 18.5 – 25 is normal or pushing being fat. BMI 25 or higher is fat,  BMI 30 and over is obese.

At “fat” one losses 4% of their brain tissue, that is 4 billion less brain cells, aging the brain by 8 years. So your brain is 8 years older than your actual age.

At “obese” one losses 8% or 8 billion brain cells, aging the brain by 16 years.

Our brain function is what separates us from all those valuable creatures we call “animals”.  Think about it.

You can find out all bout Dr. Amen’s work by entering his name in a Google/Yahoo search.

I’ll have more on better eating in my next entry.

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