We have lived through Women’s Lib, or watched our Mothers do it.  We have looked to television, movies, magazines and the Internet for what to wear, how to look, how to be.  I want to share a secret of attraction that works for everyone, women and men, boys and girls. Its CONFIDENCE.  How do we get it when we are looking outside ourselves for how to be?

Over the next few months of Spring, our season of renewal, I will suggest a number of methods for picking and choosing your particular and unique style which will create confidence. I suggest trying things for two weeks or more to see the difference it makes. Notice peoples responses, and how you feel about yourself.  Adapt the change for 21 days. I may be wrong but I think that is the number of days it takes to develop a habit.  The slightest little changes done daily brings huge results building one’s confidence and power of attraction. I appreciate your comments.

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