Easter Weekend

A happy and blessed Easter to you all. Spring brings new beginnings as the sun warms the ground traveling up to the ends of the tiny tree branches and buds appear. Who doesn’t smile at the sight. If you’re connected to the changing of the seasons you will want to express yourself as I can’t help but want to create something new for  myself.

I cut-out and have yet to sew together a beautiful blouse for myself. At least I think its for myself! I will photograph it and display it somehow, either on this blog or on my website. I’m not sure if I can display photos on this blog?

Picture this.  An Asian style blouse, form-fitted with princess line seaming in a tropical floral print . Along the  serpentine neckline, twelve tiny buttons made of simulated ivory in the shape of stylized Birch tree leaves. I should have it finished by the end of this Easter weekend.

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