I have done a lot of listening. Over the years I have listened well to your requests, drawn them out on paper, cut and sewn fabric into your perfect vision of a product. It has been a marvelous opportunity to use my creative skills in this way. Quite naturally, I have grown over the past five years into Pasha’s Fashion Salon.

Realizing that if I can help people be more creative with fabric, why not explain the creative process and coach them to be more creative with their own lives.

So, last year I created a persona for Pasha. She uses all she knows to explain how to make the world a better place. Yes I will reference the elements of design and color to improve your home and wardrobe. But I will also suggest ways to use Intuition, Imagination and Creativity to your own advantage within the day to day happenings in your life. This is how I have grown. I want to give the best I have to all of you.

Thanks again for a most wonderful fabric adventure. Stay connected through and the soon to open

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