What steps do you take to go from Ignored to Unforgetable, from one of millions to a distinctive brand, from unemployed to upwardly mobile?

You know TODAY you ARE the BRAND. This concept was introduced and is widely accepted as true. With the popular use of FaceBook, Instagram and Pinerest, yourself as a distinctive brand is an idea that is here to stay and happening now.

Of equal importance with an indelible quality, your First Impression is also now common knowledge. But what steps do you take to get from here to there, from A to B?

1. Observe – Spend a day thinking like a child. Children know automatically when another kid likes them or is withdrawing from them. With this mindset, privately to yourself, measure people’s reactions to what you are wearing (particularly if they say something specific.) Remember to say thank you and soak in the compliment when you hear it. Focus on who is withdrawing and try to determine why?


2. Tempo – match how fast or slow you speak and move to the same tempo as the other person. ┬áStand like them, move like them, sit like them. Notice the difference in the conversation. This is a sales technique for building comradere, it works.


3. Switch – Change your clothes and your tempo including the words used to see how your acceptance with that person changes. If they use profanity, you may choose to use it too; but not necessarily. If they don’t use it, you don’t either. Sometimes it’s as easy as repeating back to them some of the words they are using by phrasing the statement differently to make what they said sound like a fact, something you are learning. They will be flattered to think they told you something new. It’s a reporte on which to build a relationship.


4. Track – Keep a list of the reactions you get when wearing different sets of clothes. Men too. Measure jeans and a t-shirt against dress jeans/pants and a collared shirt. Always wear your clothes while they are clean and in good repair. It is true what they say about shoes. My next blog will explain how to keep your shoes clean and polished for a great First Impression, a lasting impression. Your tracking of reactions can simply be a negative (-) or a positive (+) sign for each “look” you take out in public.

Be prepared to learn something new about the impression you make on others.

As always, I am interested in your comments. I will post them if they are clear and helpful to others. Let me know what you are thinking. Thanks.


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