How to Polish Your Shoes/Boots

You’ll need:

1. Plastic or paper bags from the grocery store.

2. A shoe shine kit with a sponge applicator and a buffing cloth.

3. Thin latex gloves to protect your hands.

$10 Resale Boots with $28 new soles at a local Shoe Repair Shop

$10 Resale Boots with $28 new soles at a local Shoe Repair Shop


Before you start, make sure the shoes/boots are brushed clean of dirt and dust. Shoe polish will stain anything it touches. The stain is nearly impossible to remove, so please be careful.

Spread out the plastic bags to make a good work area for yourself. Wear the latex gloves while applying the polish with the sponge applicator.  Apply with a circular motion.

Allow the polish to completely dry on your shoes and boots. Make sure the cap on the polish is secure and air tight.

When dry, usually about 20-30 minutes, buff with a chamois or soft cloth. Use a piece of flannel from an old nightshirt if the shoe shine kit does not provide a buffing cloth.

For extra shine, reapply lightly, sprinkle with water and buff to a high gloss.

Shoe Trees are one of the secrets of the Upper Classes in Society. These will allow your shoes to last 10 times longer. If your shoes got wet and dirty, wipe off a majority of the surface dirt. Then, simply insert the Shoe Trees and let them dry well away from any heat source. Just let them air dry with the Shoe Trees inside.

Another use for shoe trees is to stretch a shoe that is fitting too tight. The length is adjustable. I had a pair of hiking boots that fit but were too tight with thick socks. Wanting to wear the thick socks, and have more toe room, I wore them in the damp morning grass during my dog’s morning walk. After a week adding the Shoe Trees to the damp boots, their leather stretched to give me all the room I desired.


I hope this was helpful for you. Let me know your questions and comments.

All the best . . .

Common Shoe Trees (Shoes last 10X longer)

Common Shoe Trees
(Shoes last 10X longer)

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