Being Judged?

Do you get anxious about how you dress . . . What you look like?

If you do, listen up.

I’ve been conscious of clothing since day one of social consciousness at age four. After an entire career supported by my degree covering the meaning and use of clothing and textiles in diverse cultures, I have a few things to say.

Dress for yourself within a wide definition of what’s fit for the occasion. People will not be judging you because they are far too wrapped up in themselves. In fact, they may very well be thinking you are sitting there judging them instead of your actual self-conscious thoughts.

Dress to please yourself and believe this. They will secretly envy your self-expression. Your ability to step-out and be seen in what you’re wearing displaying your acceptance with the group and your individuality within that realm.

If they compliment you, let the good feeling of that compliment travel all the way into your heart. Don’t spontaneously say something to diminish the glory of it. Drink it in. When you do this, your natural reply will be a genuinely warm Thank You. That’s gonna feel good.

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