Keeping Warm This Winter

Yesterday, the Washington D.C area experienced a record snowfall. What is an inconvenience, simply something to plan and step carefully around in Michigan, those folks in D.C are inexperienced making the situation dangerous for them.

I am forever advocating the use of clothing to express yourself. This Winter Season here are tips for using clothing to keep warm.

Start out Warm – do some push-ups, run around the house, whatever churns up the heat from within.

Three layers – Silk Underwear is fantastic and available at most Sporting Goods Stores. So, silk or other Long-Johns, then your pants or your tights and skirt. Best to wear Midi or Maxi length skirts.

For those who apply long johns then pants, get a pair of wind-breaker pants for your third and top layer. Here the weight of the clothing matters less than those three layers while they work to trap and warm the air between each layer. Any more than this as Inner Layers and you will stifle your ease of movement and be colder. Next comes your Outer Wear – a coat, parka, down-jacket or animal hide, lol. Check out the new Leonardo de Caprio movie!

Cover well your Face, your Hands and of course your Feet. Earmuffs or a hat that blocks the wind from making ice inside your ears. Not good. You should LOVE your boots, comfortable, stylish and sure-footed.

It is good to keep a Survivor Pack in your car. Besides the jumper cables and flares, in Winter add a Down Vest or Jacket and some runner’s tights. It’s a good idea to also keep a pair of your heaviest snow boots in your car. If you can, bring them inside to warm-up before putting them on your feet. Wool socks are the best.

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