New 2016 Style


The way to know it, own it and flaunt it in 2016 is to use time-honored, internationally proven design elements to your advantage. Use your own power of choice, online and in your local retail stores (strengthening your local economy) while you play like a child, the child you remember.  Take on a new life with your choices in clothing and jewelry to allow yourself to dress up or down, whatever the event or mood calls for at the moment. This is your LIFE.

I assume most females and feminine types enjoy a chance to “play” with their personalities. So here I remind you of the permission you always had within you. Dare to be You. Think of the feeling you get when you don a garment or a hat or a piece of jewelry and Yuk, That’s Not Me AT ALL!  Well, use the same sensibility to hone in on what feels right to you  . . . to your own personal style. Each color and style has an energy, a feeling about it that should match, blend or support you.

Need help? Visit and choose Pasha’s Fashion Salon. Its a journey into style . . . packages at various levels.

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