There are 1000 followers lost in cyberspace. Does this sound like a SciFi-Star Trek script? No, instead, it has been my reality since the beginning of November 2015. Followers of ReincarnationsResale were lost when the “powers that be” decided to exercise their supreme power. Consequently these 1000+ followers are without the many updates to Vintage Clothing and Collectables favored by them over the past three years.

Please help by letting them know to go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/michigansmom

If you are or if you know of a follower of ReincarnationsResale please direct them to michigansmom on Etsy.com or

to the postings on Instagram: michigansmomvintage





You can help to find those Lost In Space to reconnect them to vintage jeans, flannel shirts, kids clothing, velvet, silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton tops, bottoms and outerwear. Thank you for helping us to keep moving forward.

#findhome #phonehome


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