Thanksgiving 2015

This year I have felt the opposite of gratitude. I would like to know what you all think the opposite of gratitude to be. Is it disregard, disrespect, irreverance? Or is it prejudice. Are we grateful for material things or are we grateful for living things and people in our lives?

I am aware that its different for each one of us. And also changeable with the passing of time. I want to share that I am grateful for my own capacity to recover from setbacks. I had more than one this year which still has not been resolved. Instead, it progressed  and with it cuminated in a week of having four setbacks at one time. That was when I was at my lowest.  Gee whiz. Not my style!

STYLE is what my website, my blog and now my Etsy shop is all about.

Last May 2015,  I started a shop on called MichigansMom.

My goal, through all those heavy setbacks perviously mentioned, was to have the shop stocked with Vintage Clothing and Collectables by today. I have dreampt of having a store/shop all my life, having worked in many brick and mortar shops over the years.

Now I not only have a fine shop of my own creation, I have partners. I am truly grateful to my sewing partners and my shopping partners. They keep thier eyes and somethimes the eyes of thier friends and relatives searching for classic treasures for the shop. Please visit: and favorite your favorite items, and also favorite the shop. My partners and myself need to popularize the shop.

We are very grateful for the help. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

FYI: There are big discounts for Black Friday!

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