Seven Ways to Get Ready for Spring/Summer

1. Take your cooler clothes out from their present location. They may still be mixed-in with all of your clothes or cleaned and stored in containers.

2. Lay them on the bed, your clean floor or around the living room/dining room. Wherever you can take a good look at each item.

3. Catagorize them according to this uni-sex terminology – Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Shoes, Accessories. And more clearly:
Tops- shirts and blouses, teeshirts and camisoles.
Bottoms – pants, shorts, slacks, skirts and capris
Jackets – sweaters, summer jackets, blazars, raincoats
Shoes – sandles, sport shoes, work shoes, dress shoes.

4. Now, mix and match to make complete outfits using one item from each catagory. Make notes on paper to post near your closet door for help coordinating your “LOOK” each day. For help with coordinating outfits look further back in my blog for three entries entitled “The Art of Dressing.”

5. Make sure each article is clean and free of wrinkles. Hanging items in the bathroom while it fills with steam makes wrinkles fall out.

6. If not the shower method, you can use a steam iron set at the lowest setting but still able to create steam from distilled water. At this low setting, and continuously moving the iron at a steady pace will prevent any burning or fabric.

7. Make a short list of items to buy, like:
a new pair of sandles or sport shoes
a banana yellow, red or blue sweater or jacket
a linen casual jacket (this looks great with jeans)
Keep this list in your wallet or purse . Time-allowing, shop for only these items (your own list), it saves money and expands our complete outfit options.

This the right time to take your Winter warmer clothes, clean them, and store them in containers. Those flat 3″ high “under the bed” containers are perfect.

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