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Tim Gunn with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, NPR

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

I so very much enjoyed this interview with Tim Gunn of Project Runway and Chairperon at the Parsons School of Design in NYC.
He is so much fun and dittos my perspectives on fashion and style in a number of significant ways.
Its important to both Tim and me that we are always aware of how we are presenting ourselves., be it the mail person or the bank teller, presentation counts. Clean, pressed, color-coordinated outfit balanced in color and design. Not only clothes that are in proportion to my body but also appropriate to my lifestyle, even one step up from those I am likely to meet that day.

Tim Gunn and I believe its important to shop within a budget. I believe and can prove that it is easy to find high quality clothing for pennies on the dollar.
He and I also believe one should dress for their own style. To define and have a set of styles that are your own.

Ironically, Tim Gunn was a swimmer in high school as was I. He liked it because it was a solitary sporting event. I left it for the same reason he liked it and joined the women’s volleyball team so I could be on a TEAM. Another similarity, he wanted and did play the piano for 12 years. I asked and was denied piano lessons. My mother was a single mom of six kids. So I started piano at age 57.

As teenagers, we both knew how to manipulate adults with ease. He met his match with an adult therapist and this was very significant for his life. I successfully manipulated my high school academic councilor to willingly and repeatedly give me a pass to get back into school even when I had skipped three days in a row.

Tim Gunn found a feeling of liberation and empowerment when he realized he is just fine living alone. I recently have realized the same thing.

Terry Gross stated that she can’t find clothes to fit and that the fashions out there are hideous or totally inappropriate for her. I suggest she give me a call.
My website: Pasha’s Fashion Salon will explain that I can turn what is in your closet into items that not only fit correct, but also express who you are to the point that you are truly feeling and communicating your uniqueness . . . the precious individual wanting to get out in the open.

When a teenager can escape the Fashion World competition, not with a uniform but rather with a unique wardrobe designed with readily available tools at hand, its empowering.

For a while, you will be able to hear the interview with Tim Gunn on NPR, Fresh Air by visiting

Practical Intelligence

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

I have had my eyes wide open and my brain in gear everyday of my 59 years. Born and raised in Michigan all the way through my bachelors degree; then six years of immersion into California culture followed by six more years of immersion into Hawaiian culture. My degree at Michigan State University was ecosystems oriented, a Clothing and Textiles major with a Cross Cultural emphasis focused in African and Japanese cultures. In California I studied color and design of all things for two solid years with Ray Jacobs at the Laguna Beach School of Art. I credit Ray as the most influential person in my life. Presently I am beginning the 41st year of sewing for the public, recommending the best clothes for their body type, their lifestyle and stressing the importance of a good first impression.

My experiences have made me particularly sensitive to the uniqueness of each one of you. Are you aware that by virtue of the way you choose and use your clothing, and the design in your home, you are sending subliminal messages indicating your state of mind, how you feel about your body/home and the extent to which your spirit runs free? Whether you are ready to acknowledge it or not, your presentation (clothing and home design) communicates THE REAL YOU. Not only to others; you are getting very similar messages from yourself to yourself. And it is our personal experiences here on this precious earth that is the sum of our lives.

Custom Made by Hand

Friday, October 18th, 2013

We are dressmakers using our skilled hands to make products out of fabric tailored to your specifications.  We don’t compare and cannot compete with mass produced clothing, bedspreads, slipcovers, etc,

Most of you have viewed my website, both parts, Michigan’s Mom and Pasha’s Fashion Salon. My wish is that you understand you can call me to discuss your ideas and get a ballpark price on your project. It has to be a ballpark (general) price over the phone because we are talking about using flat, two dimensional fabrics which may be extra slippery or ultra stiff. Some are quick and easy to transform, others are complex. We are transforming flat fabric into a three dimensional item made just for you.

You hire us because we know how to turn the right fabric for the job into a custom tailored product that will function perfectly well and last a long time. I believe these notions of “tailored to your specifications,” “the right fabric for the job,” and “lasting a long time,” are important things to keep in our society.

As a society, we are now painfully aware of our diminishing resources. We must act locally to be environmentally supportive and sustaining. There is a joy in having a wardrobe that fits your body correctly, fits your lifestyle and communicates the correct non-verbal social messages. There also is a joy in having your home or office exactly as you want it to be. These two areas of our lives support our sense of self, our definition in this world, adding to our success.

Our clients who are fully into all we can do for them are happier people for it. We are very fulfilled by the results of our labors. The point I wish to make here is, with the exception of businesses who come to us for locally well made quantities of their products, we are highly skilled, making your one-of-a-kind item by hand albeit with sewing machines, and we appreciate being paid what it’s worth. We are not getting rich. We are providing a valuable service to our community. We cannot be compared to mass produced items that may or may not be connected with slave labor.

Thank you for your time and thoughts on this subject.


Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Four hundred people die after a roof collapses due to terrible working conditions in a garment factory. Its horrible how such a thing can happen and be so directly related to the present day attitude towards clothing? I hope many of us can see it in our hearts that the future needs to be different.

Today I heard Elizabeth Klien talking passionately and knowledgeably on this subject. She has written a book entitled, Overdressed. For a time, you can accress the interview by going to Fresh, May 2, 2013. Elizabeth has also written an article on the subject of Garment Industry Ethics.

I spread information about quality clothing, how to get it inexpensively, the right styles for your body type and lifestyle and have it altered to fit. Also many things you can do to be sure you are treating the garments well so they serve you for decades. Please visit Pasha’s Fashion Salon and choose packages.

Skin Care

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Last Summer, dermatologists recommended to the FDA much clearer SPF information on sunscreen and skin care products due to a sharp increase in many skin cancers. You will see a difference in the warnings on packaging of these products starting this Spring 2013.

It makes no sense to have a SPF above SPF50. Soon it will be illegal to say so.

This is how it works: Lets say you start to turn red from being in the sun at 10min. time. Multiply SPF50 X 10 to get 500 minutes.
The sun is not at full intensity in the sky for more than 500 minutes, 8.33 hours. Also, there is no such thing as waterproof or sweat-proof! So it is necessary to reapply your sunscreen after sweating and swimming.

After four great years as a Mary Kay consultant focused on Skin Care, I am proud of how much I know and my access to the latest and best information at My site is

I have had a lot of success with facials over the phone! Yes, it sounds strange, but it is great fun, anyway. Please contact me at 734-913-8131 or email for more information.  Or though my Mary Kay site listed above. We all need to take care of our skin.

The Art of Dressing, Third Entry

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Let’s discuss PATTERN. First we’ll distinguish between two types of pattern, the pattern of the print on fabrics you wear and the other pattern of line flowing throughout your outfit.

Always scale the fabric pattern to the size of your body. In my opinion, clothes should be a decorative frame around YOU – THE WORK OF ART!  So, when you first see yourself in the mirror, if all you see is the print, its too much for you. If the fabric print does nothing more than add a few bits of color, then make it the center of your outfit and have everything else be secondary to it.

Now we can discuss the pattern of line flowing throughout your outfit. Look in the mirror. Do you see mostly horizontal lines, mostly vertical or diagonal lines? Avoid the tendency to make it  too busy which will communicate a fastidious, busy-body type of person. Keep your outfit simple and calm with a put-together feeling using color’s hue, value and intensity; pattern that is in scale to your body’s stature with lines flowing from top to bottom. Consider what your outfit is communicating to others.

My entire “Dress to Impress” talk can be delivered in person to your business associates, club members or your organization.

The Art of Dressing, Second Entry

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Please pardon the delay. I got busy with work. This entry is also about the use of color in the Art of Dressing. This time I’ll talk about Secondary and Analogous Colors. Secondary colors are softer than primary colors and are less bold. Secondary colors are Orange, Purple and Green.  Play with value and intensity the same way I suggested  playing with Primary Colors in my last blog entry. When you play with value (the light pastel or the dark shade of a color) and the Intensity (the brightness – neon to dull) , a salmon colored skirt is a pastel of Orange and has a bright intensity. So add  to that skirt, a dull purple, or a very faint pastel purple blouse/scarf/jewelry, with a hint of bright green.

Analogous colors are next to one another on the color wheel and are harmonious. Any two or three next to each other on the color wheel are considered analogous. This is a good way to wear colors when you are needing others to agree with you.

Keep looking in the mirror and consider what you are communicating with your look. Be objective and consider the point of view of the audience. Think as if you were in a modern day play and this is your costume. How clear is the message you are communicating?

My entire “Dress to Impress” talk can be delivered in person to your business associates, club or organization.

The Art of Dressing

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Color and Pattern exist everywhere we look. Pleasing color arrangements and patterns that make you look your best don’t happen without some planning. I have lots to say on this subject so I’ll break it into four blog entries.

Color has three properties: Hue (the color), Value (pastel or a dark shade) and Intensity (bright or dull)

I suggest using one color, only one Hue. Psychologically this communicates a person who is organized and has it all together. Add interest with variations of that Hue using Value and Intensity of that one color, like a brighter silky scarf or a pastel shirt/blouse.   Adding a second Hue will add more interest, but which hue?

Refer to a color wheel available at all art supply sources.  The primary colors Red, Blue and Yellow are bold, making a strong statement and while dressing should only be used as accents or to point to your best features. Use Value and Intensity to vary a primary color; a pastel or a darker shade of that color, like a navy blue or burgundy suit color with a brighter or more intense version of that same color to pull your outfit together.

Primary colors are good to wear when you want to stimulate the thinking or actions of others.

My entire “Dress to Impress” talk can be delivered in person to your business associates, club or organization.