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Pasha Designs: Fashion Design, Dressmaking, Wedding Gowns, Costuming
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Do you have clothes you don't wear? Would you like to know why?

I can come to your home with pins and hem markers and all my expertise of individual, personal style in order to pin-fit your clothes, alter them in a timely manner to get them working for you with your busy day to day life. When your clothes fit and look right, you feel right and that snowballs into a good day. Clothes that are not right due to their color or style can be taken to a consignment shop and turned into money.

Waistlines can be taken in or let out, jackets tapered, shoulders raised and necklines reset, lapels narrowed, linings added or replaced, sleeves shortened, garments redesigned, etc. I have the ability to draft clothing/costume patterns from scratch. This service requires an in-person meeting. Make your appointment today!.

Clothing alterations:

$25/hr. per visit to your closet;

$8 for a plain pant hem,

$14 with a lining,

$12 plain standard skirt hem (no top-stitching),

$18 with a lining.