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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

I have done a lot of listening. Over the years I have listened well to your requests, drawn them out on paper, cut and sewn fabric into your perfect vision of a product. It has been a marvelous opportunity to use my creative skills in this way. Quite naturally, I have grown over the past five years into Pasha’s Fashion Salon.

Realizing that if I can help people be more creative with fabric, why not explain the creative process and coach them to be more creative with their own lives.

So, last year I created a persona for Pasha. She uses all she knows to explain how to make the world a better place. Yes I will reference the elements of design and color to improve your home and wardrobe. But I will also suggest ways to use Intuition, Imagination and Creativity to your own advantage within the day to day happenings in your life. This is how I have grown. I want to give the best I have to all of you.

Thanks again for a most wonderful fabric adventure. Stay connected through and the soon to open

How to Polish Your Shoes/Boots

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

You’ll need:

1. Plastic or paper bags from the grocery store.

2. A shoe shine kit with a sponge applicator and a buffing cloth.

3. Thin latex gloves to protect your hands.

$10 Resale Boots with $28 new soles at a local Shoe Repair Shop

$10 Resale Boots with $28 new soles at a local Shoe Repair Shop


Before you start, make sure the shoes/boots are brushed clean of dirt and dust. Shoe polish will stain anything it touches. The stain is nearly impossible to remove, so please be careful.

Spread out the plastic bags to make a good work area for yourself. Wear the latex gloves while applying the polish with the sponge applicator.  Apply with a circular motion.

Allow the polish to completely dry on your shoes and boots. Make sure the cap on the polish is secure and air tight.

When dry, usually about 20-30 minutes, buff with a chamois or soft cloth. Use a piece of flannel from an old nightshirt if the shoe shine kit does not provide a buffing cloth.

For extra shine, reapply lightly, sprinkle with water and buff to a high gloss.

Shoe Trees are one of the secrets of the Upper Classes in Society. These will allow your shoes to last 10 times longer. If your shoes got wet and dirty, wipe off a majority of the surface dirt. Then, simply insert the Shoe Trees and let them dry well away from any heat source. Just let them air dry with the Shoe Trees inside.

Another use for shoe trees is to stretch a shoe that is fitting too tight. The length is adjustable. I had a pair of hiking boots that fit but were too tight with thick socks. Wanting to wear the thick socks, and have more toe room, I wore them in the damp morning grass during my dog’s morning walk. After a week adding the Shoe Trees to the damp boots, their leather stretched to give me all the room I desired.


I hope this was helpful for you. Let me know your questions and comments.

All the best . . .

Common Shoe Trees (Shoes last 10X longer)

Common Shoe Trees
(Shoes last 10X longer)


Friday, April 15th, 2016

What steps do you take to go from Ignored to Unforgetable, from one of millions to a distinctive brand, from unemployed to upwardly mobile?

You know TODAY you ARE the BRAND. This concept was introduced and is widely accepted as true. With the popular use of FaceBook, Instagram and Pinerest, yourself as a distinctive brand is an idea that is here to stay and happening now.

Of equal importance with an indelible quality, your First Impression is also now common knowledge. But what steps do you take to get from here to there, from A to B?

1. Observe – Spend a day thinking like a child. Children know automatically when another kid likes them or is withdrawing from them. With this mindset, privately to yourself, measure people’s reactions to what you are wearing (particularly if they say something specific.) Remember to say thank you and soak in the compliment when you hear it. Focus on who is withdrawing and try to determine why?


2. Tempo – match how fast or slow you speak and move to the same tempo as the other person.  Stand like them, move like them, sit like them. Notice the difference in the conversation. This is a sales technique for building comradere, it works.


3. Switch – Change your clothes and your tempo including the words used to see how your acceptance with that person changes. If they use profanity, you may choose to use it too; but not necessarily. If they don’t use it, you don’t either. Sometimes it’s as easy as repeating back to them some of the words they are using by phrasing the statement differently to make what they said sound like a fact, something you are learning. They will be flattered to think they told you something new. It’s a reporte on which to build a relationship.


4. Track – Keep a list of the reactions you get when wearing different sets of clothes. Men too. Measure jeans and a t-shirt against dress jeans/pants and a collared shirt. Always wear your clothes while they are clean and in good repair. It is true what they say about shoes. My next blog will explain how to keep your shoes clean and polished for a great First Impression, a lasting impression. Your tracking of reactions can simply be a negative (-) or a positive (+) sign for each “look” you take out in public.

Be prepared to learn something new about the impression you make on others.

As always, I am interested in your comments. I will post them if they are clear and helpful to others. Let me know what you are thinking. Thanks.


Being Judged?

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Do you get anxious about how you dress . . . What you look like?

If you do, listen up.

I’ve been conscious of clothing since day one of social consciousness at age four. After an entire career supported by my degree covering the meaning and use of clothing and textiles in diverse cultures, I have a few things to say.

Dress for yourself within a wide definition of what’s fit for the occasion. People will not be judging you because they are far too wrapped up in themselves. In fact, they may very well be thinking you are sitting there judging them instead of your actual self-conscious thoughts.

Dress to please yourself and believe this. They will secretly envy your self-expression. Your ability to step-out and be seen in what you’re wearing displaying your acceptance with the group and your individuality within that realm.

If they compliment you, let the good feeling of that compliment travel all the way into your heart. Don’t spontaneously say something to diminish the glory of it. Drink it in. When you do this, your natural reply will be a genuinely warm Thank You. That’s gonna feel good.

Keeping Warm This Winter

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Yesterday, the Washington D.C area experienced a record snowfall. What is an inconvenience, simply something to plan and step carefully around in Michigan, those folks in D.C are inexperienced making the situation dangerous for them.

I am forever advocating the use of clothing to express yourself. This Winter Season here are tips for using clothing to keep warm.

Start out Warm – do some push-ups, run around the house, whatever churns up the heat from within.

Three layers – Silk Underwear is fantastic and available at most Sporting Goods Stores. So, silk or other Long-Johns, then your pants or your tights and skirt. Best to wear Midi or Maxi length skirts.

For those who apply long johns then pants, get a pair of wind-breaker pants for your third and top layer. Here the weight of the clothing matters less than those three layers while they work to trap and warm the air between each layer. Any more than this as Inner Layers and you will stifle your ease of movement and be colder. Next comes your Outer Wear – a coat, parka, down-jacket or animal hide, lol. Check out the new Leonardo de Caprio movie!

Cover well your Face, your Hands and of course your Feet. Earmuffs or a hat that blocks the wind from making ice inside your ears. Not good. You should LOVE your boots, comfortable, stylish and sure-footed.

It is good to keep a Survivor Pack in your car. Besides the jumper cables and flares, in Winter add a Down Vest or Jacket and some runner’s tights. It’s a good idea to also keep a pair of your heaviest snow boots in your car. If you can, bring them inside to warm-up before putting them on your feet. Wool socks are the best.

Here are some links to more information:

As always, your comments and questions are welcome. I love to communicate.




New 2016 Style

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015


The way to know it, own it and flaunt it in 2016 is to use time-honored, internationally proven design elements to your advantage. Use your own power of choice, online and in your local retail stores (strengthening your local economy) while you play like a child, the child you remember.  Take on a new life with your choices in clothing and jewelry to allow yourself to dress up or down, whatever the event or mood calls for at the moment. This is your LIFE.

I assume most females and feminine types enjoy a chance to “play” with their personalities. So here I remind you of the permission you always had within you. Dare to be You. Think of the feeling you get when you don a garment or a hat or a piece of jewelry and Yuk, That’s Not Me AT ALL!  Well, use the same sensibility to hone in on what feels right to you  . . . to your own personal style. Each color and style has an energy, a feeling about it that should match, blend or support you.

Need help? Visit and choose Pasha’s Fashion Salon. Its a journey into style . . . packages at various levels.


Saturday, December 19th, 2015

There is a song that keeps running round my head. Of all the Christmas Songs out there, this one speaks to me. Its called, “I Really Don’t Want Much for Christmas,” Music and lyrics by Jeremy Lubbock and Richard Rudolph. The version I love is with trumpet by Cris Botti, sung by Eric Bennet on the CD entitled, Chris Botti December.

This song says its better to give a homeless child a home . . . for the world to lose “hate” in order to find “bliss.”  Oh, yes, starting right here, right now.

I believe this song’s value is with its emphasis on what’s far more important than materialism. But hey, we live in this commercial world and are quite bombarded with the pazzazz and bling of it all.

What to do? I suggest we give memorable gifts. Give gifts that really mean something to the recipient. They are friends, family, lovers, supporters of your daily life. They are not a number of a shopping list. So, while you think each one of them, their temperament, their interests, their clothing style, their hopes and dreams. Give a gift that speaks to the style they have . . .  you will be speaking to their hearts.

For example, I have a nephew who I love. Don’t see him very often, living 60 miles apart. When I do see him he is often on the basketball court. But I always give him a hug. Last year he insisted on his mother going with him to the mall to find the present he wanted to give to me. I gotta tell ya, that sweater means the world to me.

Clothing has meaning in ceremonies and celebrations worldwide. It has the significance we give it based on tradition and habits we want to start.  From the very first minute of our birth, we were wrapped in a blanket; a fabric, a textile. I really don’t want much for Christmas. I want people to give meaning to eachother.

From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas.



Sunday, December 6th, 2015

There are 1000 followers lost in cyberspace. Does this sound like a SciFi-Star Trek script? No, instead, it has been my reality since the beginning of November 2015. Followers of ReincarnationsResale were lost when the “powers that be” decided to exercise their supreme power. Consequently these 1000+ followers are without the many updates to Vintage Clothing and Collectables favored by them over the past three years.

Please help by letting them know to go to

If you are or if you know of a follower of ReincarnationsResale please direct them to michigansmom on or

to the postings on Instagram: michigansmomvintage


You can help to find those Lost In Space to reconnect them to vintage jeans, flannel shirts, kids clothing, velvet, silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton tops, bottoms and outerwear. Thank you for helping us to keep moving forward.

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